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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today we have a fun bow haul for you where we are going to show you all the different hair bows we have and where we got them, and you will love it. But before we do that, we have a couple of quick and very exciting announcements. Number one is, for those of you that missed the post on Sunday, we wrote in an annotation what the puppy’s name is. But this is Braidy. Just so you guys do not miss it, we wanted you know. Thank you to all , people that voted. And his name is now Braidy. Huh, buddy? So, officially, meet Braidy, the newest member of our family. And he’s so shy. He’s not used to the cameras yet, huh? The second exciting news is that a fan has nominated Hairstyles to be part of a contest to determine the top mom blogs of. And it is sponsored by Circle of Moms and POPSUGAR. So we are very flattered to be part of this contest, and we are super excited about it. And now we need your help. Now, you guys know that we do not ask you to go in and vote for us just for all kinds of crazy stuff. We’ve only asked you one other time and it was when we did the On the Rise program for YouTube, and we won by a huge margin. So we are hoping that our fans can pull it out again. And we are in eighth place. So we are hoping that you guys will go in and vote every day for us. You can vote every hours.

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Set a reminder on your phone, tell your friends, use your phone and then your computer. Whatever works. You can find the link of where to go to vote in the description box below. You just click on that, and it will take you right to the page. Find Hairstyles, click Vote. You can do it every hours. Or, you can go to, and there’s a big giant pink button at the top of the page where you can click on that and then find Hairstyles and vote. So please go in and vote for us, and thank you very much from me and Braidy. Say bye. And now we will go to the bow haul. I’m Abby from LA. And today we are going to show you our bow haul. So I have been on a hunt the last couple weeks with the girls to find really great bows, because they are so popular right now. And we are going to show you the ones we have been finding and where we have been finding them from. So I Instagrammed a picture a few weeks ago of our bows and everyone freaked out and said they had to know where they were from. So, here we go. I’m going to start over here. So we have this amazing little lace bow. I love this one. And this cheetah print, and this burlap. I love that it is burlap with lace on it. And this black it is not a velvet material, but it is kind of a cotton material with an overlay of lace, which I love love love. And I try really hard to find bows that would mix and match with many outfits. And these bows came from Etsy. And if you are not familiar with Etsy, you should become familiar with Etsy. It’s like eBay, but it is all homemade items. So you can find amazing things on there. I could spend way too much money. So this store that sold me these bows, it is called ClipaBowBoutique. And I will put all of the information in the description box so you can check it out there as well. So, why do not you talk about those? We have some smaller bows. This one is black with little stones. Like little silver studs on them. Yeah, rhinestones. And it makes you look if you put in your hair, it makes you look cute but still a little bit edgy. I love this one. And this one’s from Forever. And this one is also from Forever. It’s just a solid blue color, and it is kind of like a leather. So it is still super edgy, but so cute. It’s probably pleather. But they have a sweater the twins have a sweater that has blue polka dots in it that this one looks adorable with. They wear that one all the time. This one is one we get asked a lot about in our hair dos. It just kind of has some sequins, so it has a little bit of sparkle to it. It’s kind of a creamy color. And this one was from Forever , right?

No, H&M. H&M. H&M. I always say that one wrong. OK, show them these. These are some of my faves. OK. This one, I love this one. It’s just kind of like a yellow. It’s a mustard. Yeah, like a mustard yellow with white polka dots on it. And it matches a lot of things. And this one’s from Do all four of them and then we will tell them. OK. And then there’s this one. This one is so cute because it is got a little mustache on the side along with the cute checkers. And I just love it, because it is a cute little accessory you can stick in your hair. Then there’s this one. It’s like a brown and a lighter brown checked, and it goes with everything. This one’s just a really fun plaid with the brown on brown. It’s really neutral. But I love that it has a little plaid. And this one gets a ton of use in our house. This one’s a chevron stripe. And because my little sisters go to a charter school and they wear uniforms, it matches their uniforms because it is got the cute navy blue, and they wear it all the time. And that one is from an Etsy shop called those four are all from an Etsy shop called SplendidBee. B-E-E, as in the little bug, the little insect. And then these four bows I wanted something super fun for Valentine’s Day, so I grabbed this one that has lots of pink and red and white hearts in it. And then, of course, everyone loves the florals right now. Big giant bows behind buns that are all floraled. So this one’s like a blue and red, so you can wear it on July th, for anything, and still look cute and festive. I think that one with just jeans in general. Super cute. And then this one is just a cute floral with pink roses. So you could wear it if you are feeling super girly. And then this one is a really bright pink with hot pink roses on it, and it is also super girly. And that is also from an Etsy store called ArtOfMaking. And these were just of probably, like, bows she had for sale. So there were certainly plenty to choose from. And then last but not least, this one’s my all time favorite bow. The best. I found a mustache bow. Only it is for real, like a bow. Like, it has a hair clip. And all of these, I guess I should say, had some kind of hair clip or alligator clips so that they clip right into the hair. But I saw this one and just died. And they came in hot pink too. And I just thought oh, and I think they had bow tie shapes as well. Yeah, so can have a bow tie. Yeah. And this one is also from an Etsy store. It was called ShopBowPeep. So you guys can check out all of these fun bows, or send me pictures of the different hauls you have for your bows. Hope you guys enjoyed the bow haul. I’m sure that gave you plenty of ideas of where to go to shop for amazing hair bows. And please do not forget to vote for us in the Circle of Moms POPSUGAR contest for the Best Mom Blogs. We’d love to win. And we will see you guys later. Link down below in the description box. See you guys. So you can see [? that I’m ?] going down the braid and adding in pieces.

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