Various theories and ideas have been advanced as to the control of sex in the unborn child. Some have contended that the time of the month decided this, whether she conceived just before or just after menstruation. Some, that the diet of the mother was the determining factor. Others have held that the degree of acidity or alkilinity in the woman’s vagina determined sex. Some have even contended that the mental attitude of the parents was a deciding factor! It may be said, without fear of contradiction, that most such theories lack scientific foundation; and that, so far as we know, there is, at present, no sure method of determining the sex of the unborn child. This depends upon the fertilization of the ovum; and since this is entirely beyond control, the result of the union must seemingly be left to nature. Some families have only girls, others only boys; but in most cases, there is a wholesome mixture of boys and girls.

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