Braid Bun for On The Go

Hey Everyone Abbey here today we are doing the fastest, and easiest of them all this is just a quick braid, and a bun it is great for working out or when you are in a hurry to go somewhere. So, I will going to start out by taking a large section of hair just from the front next to your hairline, and you can make this as large as you want but the larger that you make it to start off with the wider your braid will be. So you are going to do that, and begin Dutch braiding back incorporating hair from the top, and the bottom as you go, and you are going in a slightly diagonal motion from kind of right here at your temple down towards just below the occipital bone in the back of your head.

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So you are basically just going to do this until you reach about a couple inches behind your ear, and then you are going to continue to braid normally once you have reached the end of the hair go ahead, and pull the braid apart to make it extra big, and voluminous you want to do this both to the end that’s normally braided, and to the base that is that’s braided. So you get the largest braids that you possibly can out of this then we are going to work on the messy bun to make a messy bun what. I like to do is to wrap my hair around my hand once, and just leave those ends free, and then. I secure the base with an elastic now there are a million in five ways to do a messy bun. So the is not your method do not worry about it but get it started, and then we are actually going to go ahead, and pin the braid back.

So. I just took the braid back, and aligned it where. I wanted to on my head, and pin it in place, and then. I went on to finish the messy button, and to do that all. I do is pull it apart basically from that little loop structure that it was in, and then. I put it in place randomly. And I do that until it makes the shape that. I like you could always replace this messy bun with your bun of choice whether it be braided or sock bun or whatever you prefer but no matter what you do this is kind of the end results you have got this great voluminous braid into a bun it is really quick really easy you can work out in it you can go to school in it you might be able to go to work in it just depending on where you work anyway. I hope you guys like this. And I will see you guys on Sunday with my next post.

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