Braid Flip Combo Easy Hairstyles

Hey everyone, I’m Abby and Brooklyn. Hey guys! From Hairstyles, and today we are going to show you how to do a hairstyle that we are calling “The Braid Flip Combo”. Now this one you are going to love because it is super easy to do on yourself, plus you can just do it in five minutes, and you are out the door to work and school. Which is very useful, I think, personally. Yes. If you like the Under Five Minute Hairstyles be sure to give us a thumbs up Big thumbs up. and let us know, and do not forget to comment to our blog. Now let’s get going. Now to begin this quick, easy hairstyle, you are going to go right by the temple and pick up a section of hair. We’re going to use that to create our first braid. Now I do not want to go clear up to the part line, I just want to make it right here, by the temple. I’m going to do a normal, three-strand braid, back. Now you can secure this with an elastic, or you can just have somebody hold it, if you are doing it on somebody else, then repeat the same process on the opposite side. After your two braids are completed, just pull them around to the back and secure them together, right here on the back of the head.

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Okay, when you have the two braids hooked together and secured with an elastic, just gonna reach up and smooth down the bumps in the hair there, I’m going to take this braid, and just set it on the top of her head for a second. And then I’m going to pull the rest of her hair back, into a loose ponytail. At this point, if you’d like, you can use a little bit of spray wax, or water, whatever you feel like you need for your texture, your particular curl. Sweep all this back into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck. You can see that it is not tight against her head. Now, I’m going to take this, make a hole, and simply flip it through. We just did a little flippy flip. I’m going to let the braid go, and bring this back down because we want these to show more. So we are going to feed this through that hole now, so it looks like we flipped the braids in there, when we really didn’t. Tighten this up. Now I’m going to strategically pick right here, I’m just going to pull and loosen and soften right here. I want this to look like a soft flip, I do not want it to be too harsh. So I’m just loosening a little bit here and there where I want it. Leave the braids sitting on the top, and you are good to go. Now right here, you could cover this with hair if you wanted to, wrap this hair, this elastic with hair, so you can’t see it, like this, and secure a little bobby pin. And we will just hide that little piece of hair. And let’s do the final spin. Such a great hairstyle when you are rushing off to work in the morning or out the door to school. If you guys want to see the past two posts we have filmed, click the information button right here, and we will see you guys next week! Bye! Bye guys!.

Braid Flip Combo Easy Hairstyles

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