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Hi, I’m Abby from LA. And one of the things we get asked a lot for is updos. So today we are demo a really fun updo for you that I’m calling the braid-wrapped chignon. So here we go. OK. I’m going to start. Her hair’s just straight today, but if you have naturally soft curls or you just want to wash them and blow dry, I think it is fine. I have done it on both and it looks great either way. I’m going to start by just picking up a section of hair right behind her ears. And going up. Not right behind her ears, but starting at her ear. And going up. Hold that for me. I’m going to do the same thing on the other side. OK. And just simply pull them back loosely. And then take an elastic and secure them. You’re going to want to leave a little space. You can see there’s some space right there. I’m doing it loose on purpose. So we are going to utilize that space right there. OK. Now you can see I have sectioned off a little chunk of hair right behind each ear and braided it. And those are going to become the wraps for the chignon.

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I already did it just to speed things up a little. So section a piece of hair off, braid them. Now you are going to take this part of your ponytail is going to become your stuffing. So you just want to tease it until it is nice and fluffy. And it is going to add a little fullness inside you chignon when you are done with it. OK. When you get that teased the way you want it, take the rest of the hair and put an elastic just a few inches from the bottom. Now you are going to take the hair one does not want to cooperate tuck. OK. Stuff the corner in. Do you have a bobby? And then bobby pin into place. Oh, that’s so much better. Another bobby, please. OK. We’re going to do the same thing on this side. Just tuck some of those side pieces up so it tightens it down a little. Bobby. Pinning those down into place. And I think maybe one more. There we go. OK. Now we are going to take our braids and we are just simply going to lay them over the top and wrap them underneath. And then we are going to tuck them into each other. And underneath the hair, bobby pin them in place. And I do not think you can see me very well in those, but I’m just hiding the ends into each other and then bobby pinning them into place. Now, if you have little pieces, just go ahead and fix. You can add as many bobby pins as you feel like you need or want till you get the look you are going for. And then of course just hairspray to control any flyaways. And there you go. Nice, fun updo. Quite easy. Quite simple. Looks good on straight or curly hair. And you are ready to go.

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