Braided Headband into Rose Long Hair Hairstyles

Hey everyone. We’re going to film another post this morning. And I’m calling this one the Braided Headband. It’s kind of fun and different, simple and easy. I have already I braided from or sorry I parted her hair from ear to ear, across the top of her head. And you can see I have kind of the front part of her hair. Sorry. And then I just pulled the rest of it back, and secured it with a rubber band, just to strictly keep it out of the way. So now I’m just going to start by one ear. I’m going to start on her left, and I’m going to braid it over the top of her head to the other side. Tip your head this way for me. She’s getting too tall. I have a hard time seeing anymore. Let me grab the spray bottle. OK, so I’m going to do an outie braid. Or the reverse braid, some people call it. You can do either one, but I like the outie, just because it pops out a little bit more when you are doing this little headband. Nothing too hard. If you do not know how to French braid, I have a post demonstrating this.

Braided Headband into Rose Long Hair Hairstyles Photo Gallery

Another post. You can watch that. Can you put your head up a little bit? Thanks. I’m just going to braid it all the way over her head, down to her ear, and then braid it. When you run out of hair, just continue to braid it down the hair strands. Sorry. And at the bottom, secure it with a rubber band. Sorry. Her hair is so long. Pull out one of those little ones for me. And I’m going to secure it with a little clear rubber band so that it is a little more hidden. Once you have the hair secure, you are going to take it and start rolling it, rolling it, rolling it all the way up, until you get to here, and we are going to secure it right here, on her head with some bobby pins. Get that one a little hidden. That littlest one that wants to stick out, hide it. And then you have a cute little braided headband with a flower. And then with the back of the hair, you can just leave it down, straighten it, dry it, whatever you want. Curl it, does not matter. Just leave hers down for now. There ya go.

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