Braided Heatless Back to Scholl Short Hairstyles

Headin up my lovelies the Hey all, Welcome back to my blog it is that time of the year folks knocked to school either you’re a student or a cheap teacher teacher, I need to go back to school, I think no I’m bringing to you a back-to-school hairstyle this is my first post for this year I’m excited today’s post is going to be not the ordinary braid we’re going to be dealing with the five strand four strand and infinity braid who’s excited Before we jump into the hairstyles, I want to mention there is going to be a giveaway at the end of the post I’m excited for winners. So if you want to skip the hairstyles and then obviously come back again after you finish reading the giveaway I’ll have the time stamp for you in the description box. So you can go there right away let’s get started the first hairstyle is probably the most difficult out of all of them just. Because it’s a little more technical we’re doing the five strand braid Dutch version. So for the braid portion I’m only going to stick with this hair right here.

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So I’m going to grab a section or right in the front take your four fingers and just slide it from this bottom to the top to create five equal sections. So this will be the first section we’re going to go underneath the second clean it up hold take the second section and go over the third section make sure everything is holding all right start with the other side. So take in the first section go underneath with the second and over the third just like that. So it’s always under the second over the third under the second over the third and now I’m going to continue just by adding hair to the outer sections same as a Dutch braid you add hair only to the outer portion. So I’m going to place it down grab a little bit of hair and make sure well depends how big of a braid you’re going to do I’m going to stick to where the Mohawk portion is once, I reach the crown I’m gonna stop adding hair to the braid and just braid off as much as, I can that comes like on your part pulling apart the braid. So of course create more texture and invention. If you guys didn’t know we actually just opened up our own shop Malibu Cove you guys want to come check it out come say hi quick hack to make these kind of braids stay in place and they would flow evenly with your hair take up any bobby pin or bobby pin of your choice make up your braids take a little bit of hair from underneath the braid and some of your braids and just very gently just secure it all together, and it’s not going to move you can see the bobby pin love this hat.

So this hairstyle is simple enough to the point where you’re you’re not utilizing all of your hair especially. If you have layers. So this is why, I wanted to include this one it’s a really edgy and just amps up your regular hair or hairstyle whatever it is. So here’s a really awesome hack. If you’re doing this kind of braid mohawk style don’t take it out that day sleep with it wake up the next morning. If you over slab and do the following to create a whole new type of look take your two fingers go right on top of your ears grab a nice section and don’t go all the way let’s grab nice two sections and bring it all the way around and hide the clear elastic take another clear elastic and just tie those two sections together in the middle and to finish it off I’m going to do a quick top detail with the little ponytail that we just created you guys see what, I mean it literally takes 20 seconds it looks completely different, I love this one there’s enough texture and there’s enough, I mentioned next hairstyle is going to be a really awesome Viking s Crocker s conspired having done one of those in a long time I’m really excited. But it is braided don’t stress out you will all get there Brady should take some patience we literally just talked about another t-shirt design instead of you know how Nike says just do it we’re going to do just braid it period for this braid we’re doing a four strand braid it’s a lot easier than the five strand in my opinion is just memorization.

So for this hack we’re going to take the section of hair that we’re going to work with from the beginning and create a little pompadour out of it this way it gives you a little extra volume at the top and then it holds down your hair while your braid and then we’re going to get that into four strands take your three fingers one two three four there we go. So let’s start my right side the section I’m going to take under the second and then over the third. So since, I was under I’m going to go over the second section now. So taking the outer section go over the second and then we’re going to go under the third. So again under the second and over the third. So this one is going to go over the second and under the third continue doing this. So remember.

If you’re going under the first time you’re going to go over on the other side. So basically it’s always flip-flopping each other. But don’t forget that pattern that’s how you create that four strand braid once again about the resource of the way down I’m going to tie off the braid and I’m going to be left with some hair down you can either leave it down as you wish you can create a ponytail I’m going to make a messy bun don’t forget about your vitamins take them out we don’t need them anymore you know what, I think looks better just pull apart all the strands. But focus. If you do have blonde hair check out the blonde pieces just give it a little bit more texture dimension overall, I think you look very very pretty bike eNOS and rock Rask we like those here. So the next hairstyle is going to be assisted by my lovely husband Andre you guys loved him in the last time he did the post, I thought that was really fun and burly and his hairstyle is going to be an infinity braid, I definitely think it’s very simple let me show you it’s always birthday today do this, I love it we’re going to start this by splitting it in the middle and like last time, I said bunch is about this much okay. So we’re going to take the hair we’re going to split it in half then we’re going to take a small little section from underneath on my left side and then we’re going to go under and then we’re going to go over the second section and we’re going to blend it with the second section then we’re going to take another section from outside and go under this one over this guy we got our first little section like that and then we’re just going to continue doing that there we have it now we’re going to play it off and that’s it we had to leave these front pieces out.

Because they’re way too short to make it to the back of my head. But it looks really pretty it kind of reminds me of a fishtail braid in a way. But I like this one a lot better than infinity than the fishtail. So let’s get on to the giveaway. Because it is back-to-school when, I get you guys with one of our t-shirts that we just created either in the mill abou there we go or the texture and dimension. So there are going to be four winners doesn’t matter which t-shirt you want you will just have to let me know in the comment section. So the rules are very simple you have to be a subscriber to this blog Malibu and then sign up to our website Miller buco it’s very simple there’s like a little sign up on the right-hand side of the screen and then comment down below.

If you are going back to school either what grade you in college or whatever it is maybe your favorite subject what you’re going for in college and then also let me know which t-shirt you would want to win the mil abou or texture dimension the giveaway is going to end next Wednesday probably around 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time my time. So, I think, I will announce they’re probably in the post in the comment section and then on Instagram, I think and then Facebook and then of course, I will email the winners with their sizes and their address. So, I think that’ll be fun. So week from today Wednesday are on 12 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time and yes it is open internationally I’m excited for this and that concludes this post hope you guys liked it these a little bit more difficult to back-to-school hairstyles, I am bringing back here sell the day very soon. So keep a lookout for that, I will announce it probably on Instagram or Facebook one of those, I hope you guys have a lovely day don’t forget about the giveaway all the information will be dumping on the description box. But for now thank you for reading and I’ll see you very soon, I.

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