Braided-Over Ponytail Hairstyles

Good morning, everyone. So this morning we are going to do a hairstyle called the braided-over pony. It’s a really fun, unique look. I have not seen it around. So I think you will really enjoy it. We started out by pulling her hair into a ponytail and then I did the wrap-around pony with the hair to cover up the elastic. If you do not know how to do this, there’s another post on my blog or on my website called hair-wrapped pony that will teach you how to do this part of it. We’re going to just start from this stage. So you are going to start by just picking up a section of hair on the top of her ponytail it does not have to be too big dividing it into three sections and starting to do just a regular braid just one little tiny braid section. OK. Now, it sort of goes into a French braid style because you are going to be picking up pieces and adding it in as you go. Now I’m going to add into this left piece first. So I’m going to reach my hand underneath the ponytail, clear over to this right side, and pick up a little, tiny hair segment and bring it around the back and add into the left and then cross it over like normal French braid. I will show you on this side where you can see it better. The effect that’s going to give is sort of a lattice look on the side of the ponytail. So reach underneath. We’re adding into the right here this time.

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Find a small little piece on the left side of the hair. It does not need to be very big. And add it in to that right piece of hair. And then go ahead and French braid it over. And you can see it is wrapping the hair around the ponytail by doing this. Now, to define the look a little bit more, you can use something like this. This is a putty. Or a pomade would work great, too. And you can just put I will show you where when we get to it. I’m just going to add hair into this left side again and braid. Now I will show you on this side. Find your little piece of hair. Add it in. And now, just to define this little tiny section right there, just take a teeny, teeny, tiny bit on your fingertip that’s all and braid it in. And as we go down the braid, you will be able to see the little lacy, lattice look coming up more and more. You do not have to use the pomade if you do not want to. Continue to add in. You can see you are starting to get the little bit of a ribbed look, sort of, on the ponytail. And the idea is to pull the hair from the other side just so you get that little wrapped around effect. You do not want too big of pieces. Continue to just come down. It’s pretty easy. You can go as far down as you like. You can stop whenever you want. So I will probably just stop right there. You could continue going if you want. And then what I’m going to do is just finish it off with a normal braid on the top, add a little rubber band, and then comb underneath here so it is soft and pretty looking. And there you go. You can see the little ropes of hair coming around each side. It’s kind of fun and different.

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