How Do I Break Bad Eating Habits


Motivation Goals: Write at least five pros and cons of getting rid of my eating disorder. Make at least three calls to find a group to join where I could be around others working on getting better.

Challenging my Eating Disorder Self /Strengthening my Healthy Self Goals: Write out one dialogue between my eating disorder self and healthy self, Write back to my eating disorder self before engaging in a behavior, make a list of ten Healthy self statements.

Underlying Issues Goals: Figure out the assets of my traits that I see as liabilities. Work on the Real Issues assignment in Key 3.

Food Behavior Goals: Have a bagel 2-3 times this week and after each time I can go to the gym for 40 to 60 minutes. No skipping breakfast, do not buy binge foods. Try one new food.

Other Behavior Goals (Recovery Sabotaging): (e.g., weight, exercise, body checking, etc.) Stop weighing myself, give someone my scale or throw it away, get rid of at least one item of clothing that is too small but I have been saving to fit intoagain. Go to the gym (If I eat a bagel see above). Go for 20 to 30 min Walk at least once this week.

Relationship Goals: Tell my brother about my eating disorder, make a list of why I do not reach out and write counterarguments, (Key 7). Reach out to a friend, at least once when I want to binge, purge, or restrict, ask my sister not to talk about weight.

Spirituality/Soul Goals: Make a gratitude list, call about joining the church choir, buy a secrets on meditation, make a list of soul moments, find a yoga class that incorporates mindfulness.

Self-Care Goals: Call and make an appointment with a therapist. Wear comfortable shoes to work, say no to dinner with my friend who has an eating disorder.



What I accomplished last week:

What my setbacks were:

What I learned:

Motivation Goals:

Challenging my Eating Disorder Self /Strengthening my Healthy Self:

Underlying Issues Goals:

Food Behavior Goals:

Other Behavior Goals (Recovery Sabotaging): (e.g., weight, exercise, body checking.)

Relationship Goals:

Spirituality/Soul Goals:

Self-Care Goals:



Time Food and Amount Hunger (Fullness) Feelings Urges/Purge

8:00 1 cup yogurt, an orange, % c granola 3-7 Feeling hungrier in the a.m. N/N

10:30 Luna bar, coffee latte 3-5 Needed something, stressed N/N

12:30 T urkey sandwich 3-6 Not quite satisfied, feeling anxious N/N

4:00 Small bag of trail mix, apple 2-7 Lunch wasn’t enough, got too hungry Y/N

7:00 Bean and cheese burrito, chips (about 25) then lost count, salsa, guacamole % c 3-8.5 Out with friends, too many chips, feeling guilty and frustrated with myself Y/Y

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How Do I Break Bad Eating Habits

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