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How much deposit does a wedding uenue need?

The deposit that a venue requires to secure your wedding date can really vary a great deal. Dry-hire venues, where you bring in your own catering and other suppliers, typically ask for 50% of the hire fees. Package venues or hotels will tend to request 20% of your predicted total spend (that includes food and beverages). If cash flow is or could be a worry, ask your venue whether you can pay in smaller installments along the way – this can also be a good negotiation tool. Be sure to keep dates in your diary as to when the next payment is due venues appreciate you being on top of your finances! Isabel Smith;

What is my step mother’s role in my wedding?

It depends on your relationship; if the two of you get on wonderfully, then it would be nice to include her in some or most of the preparation. However, if you do not have a special connection, there is no etiquette that says you must include her in anything important. If you feel that you can plan your wedding without the guidance of your mother or stepmother, make sure you tell them so early on, so that it does not become more difficult. From my experience, in some cases, they feel it is their duty to plan your wedding for you, as their mother may have done for them. Matthew Oliver;

How can I auoid friend-and-family politics when planning my wedding?

In truth, this is pretty hard. Enlist level-headed friends and family who only have your best interests at heart and who, ideally, actually get along with each other. An independent wedding planner can also help, as they’ll give impartial, experienced advice and are not an emotional stakeholder in the wedding day. Sandy Moretta;

How long should I spend planning my wedding?

here’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but there are a few things to consider. Do you need to save for the big day and, if so, how long will that take? Wedding venues can be booked up months or even years in advance, so that may inform timings, too. Do you have any life events coming up – job changes, studies or house moves you need to work a round? Finally, if you know exactly what kind of wedding you want, a short engagement will suit you; if you are unsure, then you may need a bit longer. Rachael Corigliano;

When should I buy my dress?

Lead times at bridal boutiques vary, but typically it can take three to four months from the dress being ordered to it arriving in the shop; plus, you need to factor in one or two months for fittings and alterations. So book appointments at least seven or eight months before the wedding. If you do not have that long, look for sample sales, talk to an independent dressmaker, or shop on the High Street or online. Andri Benson; at the wedding?

he great thing about modern weddings is you do not have todo anything! It can be lovely to have children present, but if you do not have lots of nieces, nephews or kids of your own, it is fine to ask any friends with children not to bring them. Dominique Douglas;

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Bridal Hairstyles Half Up With Veil

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