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From tricky florists to maids who weren’t too sure about their gowns, Brides’ Arabella Dupont survived it all…

Not being able to make decisions is just as bad as being a bridezilla. I am the absolute worst at this! Firstly, I so badly wanted to please everybody that I ended up not getting things that I wanted. (Mother-in-law,

I truly, truly love you, but I still wish I had hired a Raj-style marquee.) Secondly, your fickle mind ends up boring everyone (colleagues could not care less about the colours of your macaron tower or choice of napkins, even if they do work at Brides). If you are bad at making decisions, try your best to figure out what you want before you get others involved, especially when it comes to the big stuff.

It is important to hire and spend money on a professional photographer – it’s absolutely worth it. We gratefully took up a family friend’s offer to do our photos, and yes, the pictures were beautiful, but I simply hadn’t realised how much a professional photographer actually does after the big day!

I spent hours upon hours upon hours editing more than 4,500 images, getting them printed, and then sourcing photobooks to put them all in. It really was a massive hassle and I could have done without the stress immediately after our (very relaxing) honeymoon.

Be (seriously) strict with your wedding vendors and suppliers.

And especially your florist! Even if you think you’re getting your vision across, reiterate, reiterate, reiterate. No matter how many moodboards, plans or Pinterest clips I produced, the arrangements still weren’t what I had asked for. Basically, the florist had her own ideas and wanted to use them. Beargrass for buttonholes? Er, no! (Trust me, just Google it.) Remember, vendors (caterers, florists, stationers etc) have highly creative streaks, which is great, but the day is meant to be about your vision, not theirs.

Either let bridesmaids have free rein over their outfits, or don’t get them involved. he decision about your maids’ frocks will depend on: a) how relaxed you are on the subject and b) how much you trust them to choose wisely. But (and this is the important part) have them in mind as well as your dream look. If you are going to let them pick, give them a colour palette, but be prepared to allow them to decide on the style. I bought my maids’ dresses without them there, but didn’t really take into account their different shapes which was a mistake! In the end, they bought other gowns just five days before the wedding. But luckily, the silver and grey dresses they chose were stunning. Phew. :

Be prepared: you are going to offend, disagree with or feel guilty about someone during the planning process. Organising my wedding day was like trying to plan a party where everyone suddenly had huge expectations and lots of opinions. Some people will inevitably want to take over and be in the spotlight (be firm, don’t let them); others simply won’t agree with all of your ideas (in my case, it was actually my husband-to-be). It’s a tough one, but aim to strike a balance between, his day is all about us’, and, his wedding isn’t ours any more’. Do try to avoid obvious guilt factors, though – I had to uninvite my friend’s boyfriend after I realised that there wasn’t enough room! So awkward.

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