Bridesmaid hairstyles

Photo: Eric Von Lockhart We just love this look. A large French braid is done in the back and a portion of loose hair is spiraled and positioned on to the side where it cascades down over one shoulder. Photo: Eric Von Lockhart I This natural hair is abso-I lutely divine. Achieve it by I using a soft gel and a tail I comb to create baby hair I to frame the face. Create a I bouffant in the crown area and allow your natural hair Ciara’s Beautiful Style! Ciara’s stylish coiffure has seen many changes throughout her career. Bridesmaid hairstyles Who could forget her experimentation with the faux locs craze? She’s always been one to take risks with her hair; we have also admired the variety of hot styles Ciara has rocked over the years and how she often plays with length. These days Ciara’s been seen out and about with flowing, dark tresses that cascade down the back. The ways that she styles them give her long, luxe look that extra bit of glamour and sparkle.

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Bridesmaid hairstyles

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