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A bruise indicates that the tissue is damaged beneath the skin’s surface as a result of a bump or pressure to that area. Applying lavender oil reduces inflammation, heals cell tissues and speeds up the healing process.

Apply a cold compress to ease inflammation, then dab a drop or two of neat lavender oil onto the affected area.

Arnica ointment and tea tree are also very useful bruise remedies.


Burns can be caused by dry heat or moist heat (scalds), and are often very painful. Minor burns respond extremely well to treatment with essential oils as they reduce the pain, prevent blistering or infection and promote healing.


Severe burns, especially if accompanied by shock, require immediate medical attention.

Used by the French in wartime; lavender oil is increasingly being employed for treating burns in hospitals within the UK.

Wide superficial burn on the outside of the left thigh caused by mustard gas. Burned 8th September in the Aisne. Since 2nd December, small, ulcerated, excoriated, bloody spots have appeared. Application of lavender from day one

and normal dressing. Healed 31st December.6

Immediately put the affected area under the cold tap for 5 minutes, then apply neat lavender oil to the site of the burn. Continue to apply neat at least 3 times a day until the skin has healed.

Alternatively, apply a water-based gel to which 5-10 per cent lavender oil has been added.

Other measures: tea tree essential oil is also a very effective bum remedy when used in the same manner as recommended for lavender oil.

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Bruises Bumps

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