Bubble Ponytail Long Hair Hairstyles

Hey everyone. We are going to film a hairdo that I’m calling the bubble ponytail. So a lot of you may have remembered this from when we were growing up, but it is coming back around and I’m seeing it floating around on kids and teenagers and on the internet again. So we have just started by pulling her hair back into a ponytail and kind of doing soft, like we have pulled some just to add a little fullness to the top right through there. And I’m going to try to do it with the clear elastics today because I like that they blend into her hair a little bit more than the big black ones. So after you get your ponytail secured what you have to do is just take your hair and do the rat, OK. So just all the way around. It does not have to be extreme. You know, we want you to be able to brush your hair in the morning or whenever you take this out.

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Just a little bit of fullness through the ponytail is all you need. Then you are going to take another elastic. Have one ready? And just so you know, today my husband is out of town so I have one of the twinies filming for me. So she’s getting her first experience behind the camera. So once you get that secured you just go ahead and give the hair a little bit of a yank. Softly, do not want to damage your hair, until it bubbles to where you like it. And then I just squeeze at the bottom a little more, gives that little extra puff. OK. Then you are going to repeat. So we are just going to add a little fullness by ratting kind of all the way around. OK, add an elastic. You can go tighten that up again if you want. And then pull out the amount of hair you want. Now, of course based on hair length you are going to get different amounts of bubbles. So it looks like in this one I’m probably going to get three. So one more time. Add the fullness, rubber band. And if you do not like my fullness, you want to do more you can do that by ratting a little more. Whatever you want. Pull until it bubbles the way you want it. And there you go, the bubble ponytail. Now when you are done, just for a little pop on top I’m going to take a little feather headband and stick it up on top so her front of her hair is not quite so boring. And there, with her cute bangs you can see. Turn and show them what the front looks like or from the side. And there you go.

Bubble Ponytail Long Hair Hairstyles

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