At various locations across the country (burlexercise.co.uk)

Like Christina Aguilera’s moves in the film Burlesque? Now’s your chance to give them a go. Inspired by showgirl style, Burlexercise promises an all-over body workout that burns up to 500 calories per class. Created by professional burlesque showgirls Katie Hardwicke and Sarah-Lou Twist, these medium- to high-intensity workouts include electro swing and pop diva music and use a weighted feather boa to boost both cardiovascular and strength levels. Now, there’s a glamorous workout!

BEST MOVE. the burlesque wiggle, a figure of eightmovement that uses the hips. DO IT IF … it is time to unleash your inner showgirl and throw away those inhibitions!

A study of 74,000 Chinese women found regularly drinking green tea could delay the onset of breast cancer. The tea contains catechins, which help detoxify cancer-causing substances. It can help stop microscopic tumours getting the blood supply they need to survive; it can lower oestrogen and help stop male hormones being converted to oestrogen after menopause. It can also reduce inflammation, important in breast cancer prevention, says Glickman. Drink it daily.


Used in Asian cooking for thousands of years, the spice is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory substances.



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