Burn Calories in Your Sleep

When you sleep, the muscles that were working hard during the day now start to repair themselves and build more muscle tissue in readiness for the next session of work, or exercise. While this process is going on, those muscles are still using more of your body’s store of energy, so in effect you are burning calories in your sleep. In fact you burn far more calories than you would normally burn if you had done no exercise.

Those muscles tone up your body too, reducing the flabbiness and allowing you to fit into those smaller size clothes. They also gain mass and actually increase in weight. This is a point that surprises many people who are trying to lose weight. Because muscle mass weighs more than fat mass you may not actually see much difference on the scales at least not to begin with, although you will see the difference in the mirror.

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That is, after all, where you want to see the difference, right?

As time progresses and you continue exercising daily if possible, your weight will reduce as more fat gets used up than muscle mass gets created. This happens as long as you exercise in a way designed to burn fat and not to build excessive mass, as bodybuilders do.

Bodybuilders actually aim for weight gain and do low repetition, heavy resistance exercises combined with a high protein diet to achieve the huge, muscle bound bodies they are aiming for. If you are not aiming to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his heyday, then your exercises should comprise many repetitions with lower resistance so that the muscle work hard and use lots of energy but do not build excessive additional muscle tissue. This way you end up with a well toned, lithe and great looking body with lots of energy and plenty of strength and stamina. Your clothes will fit well and you will be the envy of all the other dieters who are not exercising!

Here’s to your weight loss and great looking new body success!

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