Burns for child

Burns for child

Immerse the burnt area in cold water immediately.

If a large area of the body is burnt put the child into a bath of cold water, clothes and all, immediately.

Do not pull off any clothes that are sticking to the wound.

Do not put anything at all on the burn, just cover with a sterile dressing or clean wet sheet.

Get her to the hospital emergency room or doctor straight away.

Treat for shock until the ambulance arrives or you leave for the hospital.

Minor burns

Immerse area in cold water for ten to 20 minutes.

If the bum is small and not deep, with the skin red and painful but not blistered and weeping, you can wash it with soap and water.

Take care not to break the skin or any small blisters.

Only apply medication that has been prescribed by your doctor or chemist.

Do not use home remedies, fats or other ointments.

Small burns do not need a dressing, unless they are in a position that is likely to be easily bumped or infected.

Use sterile gauze and keep in place with sticking plaster far away from the burnt area.

Any burn on the face, neck or genitals must be seen by a doctor.

Any minor burn that does not heal in a few days or becomes infected must be seen by a doctor.

Chemical burns, e.g. drain cleaner, lye, caustic soda, battery acid and dry lime

1. Wash away chemical with a hosepipe or lukewarm shower for at least five minutes.

Do not use anything but water and do not touch the burnt area.

Do not let the child rub her eyes if any chemical has entered; wash the eye quickly with clear water making sure you do not wash any into the unaffected eye.

2. Continue to bathe the eye with clear water for at least 20 minutes, making sure you run water under the eyelids as well.

3. Find out what the chemical was and get medical advice from the poison unit or doctor immediately.

Burns for child

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