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Is Caitlyn Jenner ready to date again?

According to sources, the transgender reality star is trying her hand at picking up a man.

TO celebrate her fi rst birthday as a woman, Caitlyn Jenner’s children put together a little lunch on Nov. 11 one day before she turned 66 at the vila restaurant in Woodland Hills, Calif. only, it wasn’t Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian or Kim Kardashian’s stylish entrance that caught one eyewitnessattention. It was Caitlyn’s affectionate (and rather flirty!) behavior toward her tall, dark and handsome male chauffeur.

Caitlyn was blushing, giggling and even went in for a big hug and birthday kiss from her driver, an eyewitness tells

Star. Bruce would have never done such a thing, but Caitlyn didn’t even bat an eyelash. Five months after the reality star’s transition from male to female, insiders tell Star that she is ready to explore her attraction to men!

Caitlyn has never had a relationship with a man, so this is all very new and exciting for her, says a source.

At first, it was uncertain whether Kris Jenner’s ex-husband would continue dating women after reportedly undergoing total gender reassignment surgery. (before going public with her desi re to become a woman, the olympic legend, formerly known as Bruce, fathered six children with his three ex-wives.) but now that she has grown comfortable in her own skin, sources claim, the I Am Cait star has set her sights on finding herself a handsome gentleman.

Caitlyn has been very coy about it. Whenever someone points out her flirtatious touch with the men she meets, she acts like it is nothing, reveals a close family insider. She’s a bit nervous, so she’s taking her time. After all, Caitlyn’s never tried to pick up a guy before.

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Caitlyn Jenner Posters 2017

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