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Quilling is having a moment… on your cake, your walls, your stationery and your tables.

PAPER FILIGREE (AKA QUILLING) is an historical art form which began during the Renaissance. Strips of paper – or rows of fondant icing – are rolled together, shaped and attached to create amazingly intricate designs. And we’ve gone mad for it. These delicate decorations will blow your guests away, whether they’re getting them in the post – or eating them!

Scroll through Worm’s instagram (@wormlondon) and you might just fall in love. Terri and Katie founded their company after deciding that bookworms and earthworms should be celebrated together. Send them a description of the person you’re gifting to – from maids to in-laws – and they’ll create a bespoke surprise from the most romantic pairing: a beautiful book and bouquet.

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