How Can Eating Disorders Be Prevented


Recovery entails doing a lot of new things in many arenas and can be overwhelming. It helps to break recovery goals down into specific, manageable steps you can commit to each week. At the end of this Introduction, we have included a blank weekly Goals Sheet and one that has been filled out with several examples of the kinds of goals you can make. We suggest making copies of the Goals Sheets and using one each week. Setting reasonable weekly goals is something we do with our clients and something we strongly suggest and encourage you to do throughout the worksecrets. It really does help.

If you are working with one or more professionals the weekly Goals Sheet is a useful tool for everyone. The sheets make it easy for all parties to specify goals, have written records to refer to, and keep track of progress.

The Goals Sheet covers areas related to each Key so you can choose small and manageable goals from one, a few, or every Key each week. Some weeks you will do more in one area, while during other weeks, a different Key will seem more important.

Some of the assignments are designed to help you gain insight, and some are more behavioral.

You might chose to do some assignments just in the worksecrets and not even mention them on your Goals Sheet, but others will clearly be more appropriate to put on your Goals Sheet, particularly ones that you will be working on throughout the week or longer. Experiment and see what feels right to you.

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How Can Eating Disorders Be Prevented

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