I am finally starting to feel better after a really bad year health-wise, but I’ve now come to a standstill in my life. I do talk and listen to my angels every day, but they are keeping me in the dark at the moment and my questions are not being answered. I really want to move on and find my place in the spiritual world, but how can I do this? JENNY SAYS: “Your angel is giving me the name Sisu, which means ‘determined and stoic’. It’s also a Finnish word, which indicates you had a past life in Finland.

A trip there would refresh your spirit, deepen your soul connection, and could be a tonic for your health. It might also lead you to renewed self-knowledge. “It’s easy to see that you’ve been recovering and healing by the progression of colours in your angel’s wings and gown. You’ve begun to accept your situation, which has speeded up the healing process and is leading you towards a brighter future. On your portrait the dress signifies past achievements, while the wings symbolise your future potential. “Have you heard of the saying, ‘If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got’?

There’s a danger that the way you’ve been feeling could become habitual. So, you need something totally new to inspire you. You’ll note that there’s a big yellow star pushing its light towards you, which coincides with the wing tip colour. There’s a new type of reading evolving, which brings angels and the star signs together. I think you should read the book Angel Astrology 101 by Doreen Virtue and Yasmin Boland (£11.99, Hay House) as its philosophy will lead you forward from here.”HOW CAN I GET OUT OF THIS RUT?_0.jpgHOW CAN I GET OUT OF THIS RUT?_1.jpg

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