Can I really trust my partner?

DILEMMA: I have become increasingly suspicious of my boyfriends whereabouts when he doesnt pick up his phone. Do you think he is cheating? I have asked and he says he isnt, but I have really good intuition and I cant help thinking I wouldnt be feeling like this if there wasnt something going on.

Jayne says: As I link in with your energy I can feel you have a strong sixth sense and that you should trust your intuition. Whether he is cheating or not, you dont trust him and I sense that he doesnt treat you respectfully. Take him out of the equation for a second “ why are you allowing yourself to stay in a relationship that is making you miserable? I feel you need to work on building up your self-esteem as it was knocked a long time ago. I pulled the Nine of Swords when reading for you and this is the card linked to a fear of letting go.

Try leaving the past in the past so you can move forward with more confidence than ever before, and make sure you concentrate on being kind to yourself. The other card I picked was the Two of Cups, which indicates a new man in your life. Your goal is to keep your mind open as you might not notice your love interest at first. But after six months of knowing him your feelings will change and therell be a soul connection.

Can I really trust my partner?

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