How Can I Solve My Post-Summer Dry Skin Problem?


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Q How can I solve my post-summer dry skin problem?

Skin dryness is linked to both water and fat intake, so first ensure that you’re well hydrated and are including good-quality fats in your diet.Topically, you can use oils and balms straight after the shower while your skin is slightly damp to enhance the moisturising effect. Almond oil is a good choice – either by itself or blended to your preferred consistency with thicker and richer oils such as sesame or avocado.As for balms, a blend of shea and cocoa butter is richly moisturising.For added value, use a herb-infused oil such as calendula oil.Using gentle scrubs before showering helps remove dead skin cells and may enhance the effect of a topical moisturiser. You could also try dry-skin brushing before washing, as it supports the drainage of the lymphatic system and helps to stimulate your skin and circulation.I’d also recommend wearing natural fabrics, as they allow your skin to breathe, helping it rebalance itself.


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How Can I Solve My Post Summer Dry Skin Problem?


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How Can I Solve My Post Summer Dry Skin Problem?

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