Can the thickened hair be opened again?

Can the thickened hair be opened again?

We may encounter very serious problems when we want to open our hair color after dark. it is necessary to realize a very accurate opening system. There are special products in this. Especially color quarter, we have a number of products that are purifying paint.

In the meantime, I’m not talking about open products. Since the amount of ammonia in the products is too much, opening is very damaging because it is open.

While we are working with a color quarter type detergent, it is mixed in about one place. A little shampoo is added. When the wet hair is heated under the steam when heat is applied, the hair begins to separate the pigments from the hair cells that we had previously loaded.

And in this way a very healthy opening can be achieved. However, in this case, if an oxygenated product is added, the pigments that see oxygen may stick again. So, in very small quantities, small amounts of oxygenated products can be given new colors. But before our first darkening, it will take some time to reach the color of our hair.

Can the thickened hair be opened again? Photo Gallery

Can the thickened hair be opened again?

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