How Can A Woman Find Confidence In The Workplace?

VANESSA CRAFT, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, CANADA Knowledge is power. The more you are prepared and know your industry, the more confident you will be in any discussion. Never be afraid to ask questions or clarify something you are unsure of – it shows more confidence to say you need more information than it does to sit quietly and not understand what’s happening. You can also grow confidence at the office by keeping a mental (or actual) list of your successes to focus on when you are feeling doubtful. Knowing your strengths and capitalising on them is key to success.

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LOTTE JEFFS, DEPUTY EDITOR, UK Find your confidence by being great at your job. Be that by doing that extra bit of preparation for a big meeting, or spending those needed hours on a piece of work that your boss is looking to you to excel in.

KATELL POULIQUEN, DEPUTY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF/FEATURES, FRANCE The key to confidence at work is to not to expect anything on the emotional level. We should not seek friends at work, but rather try to build strong relationships based on loyalty, respect and work. Of course, it’s great if those relationships evolve beyond the office, but it should not be the goal. Work is rational, not emotional, and should not be so dependent upon the moods of others.

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