Can You Use Gigi Hadids Maybelline Jetsetter Palette

Hey I’m Jenna. I’m the senior beauty editor for and I’m running to work this morning. I didn’t put any makeup on, running late in the subway. So I brought along the Gigi Hadid for Maybelline New York Jetsetter palette, which is a makeup palette that has everything you need to get your face ready on the go. Concealer, lip balm, eyeshadows, mascara, two brushes, contour, highlight and a blush, all in one palette. But you know, my commute is not quite as glamorous as Gigi Hadid’s.

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I do not take first class flights or helicopters to work. I’m taking the subway, so I’m going to see how this guy holds up when I do my makeup on the train. It’s just so hard to do makeup on the subway. My fingers are just much easier to control. My only problem with doing this all on the go is that it gets dirty, you know, and it gets covered in bronzer and highlighter and then you can’t really clean it and because I touched the subway pole earlier, I now do not want to use my fingers anymore. It wasn’t that easy. I think the problem was that the brushes got really dirty while I was using them. And so once you dip it into the contour, you can’t then go into the highlighter or the blush because it all starts to muddy together. However the formulas were really nice. The lip balm does not have a lot of color. It’s super hydrating. I really liked the eyeshadows. They were pigmented and soft and powdery. The highlighter is gorgeous. I loved the mascara, although that again was kind of hard on the train. You had to really concentrate.

But overall it was a really easy five minute face. Anyone could do it. You can’t really mess it up. But I do miss my eyeliner. So I’m probably going to go into the office and swipe that on really quick. Hey I’m Olivia. I’m the senior features editor at I’m on my way to a meeting and this morning I didn’t put any makeup on, so I’m about to try the new Jetsetter palette from Maybelline. The mirror on this palette is really big and bright, which was great. It’s much better than using my phone, which is what I usually use to try and do my makeup in the car. It’s not sticking to the lines under my eyes, which is good. That’s a good sign. It’s a nice color. Brightening which I need, because it is early and I’m tired. I’m just going to have to like.

. Oh my god. Alright not ideal. So far this palette is exactly what I need out of a quick on the go. I think that this was built for a woman who does not generally wear a lot of makeup or who likes a more natural look. I do love the mini mascara even though I wish it was a little easier to take out. Alright we are here. Let’s go and see how this looks in natural light. Looks pretty good. I feel like I may have overdone it on the eyes a little bit but not too bad. Great. Hi I’m Chrissy Rutherford. I’m the senior fashion editor. I’m just leaving work for the day and I’m heading to an event. The palette comes with two brushes but I really like to use my fingers. You can really control how much product you are putting on your face.

The color does not really work for me, but I will go with it. There are two concealer shades in this palette but they aren’t really ones that work for my skin tone. I think once blended in, it looks pretty nice. I already have mascara on from the day but I’m going to add some to my bottom lashes. I normally only wear mascara on my top lashes during the day. Oops. I just finished doing my makeup on the street. All in all I think it turned out pretty well but I would have liked some more dramatic colors especially for the lip. Normally I really love to throw on a red lip if I’m trying to take my look from day to night. And also you know having concealer colors that work for a variety of skin tones would also be super helpful. Last but not least, this palette is really big so I can’t even fit it in my bag. So I think a smaller version would have been more helpful.

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