Can’t decide where to hold your wedding list?

This is Your Chance to Handpick Your vVery Own Gift List From Literally Thousands of Super Luxe Brands and it Doesn’t Cost a Penny We love, love, love!

What’s that you say?

Can’t decide where to hold your wedding list?

Say hello to luxe gif- list extraordinaire Prezola! It’s all organised online, with a staggering 30,000 items from 500 top-notch brands (think Wedgewood, Le Creuset and KitchenAid) and over 100 retailers and e-tailers (Selfridges, Te White Company and are all on the list). So you can mix and match to your heart’s content without being tied down to one place. Liberating! Expect everything from the latest homeware and garden accessories to vintage Champagne and even hotel breaks.

Can’t decide where to hold your wedding list? Photo Gallery

On the of-chance you’ve got your heart set on something not listed, there’s the option of adding up to 10 items with Prezola’s personal shopper service – perfect for art and antiques, items from your favourite boutique, or even donations to a smaller charity that’s personal to you. Or, if you’ve got a big honeymoon in mind, Prezola can set up a discrete cash fund so your guests can treat you to specifc holiday perks. Tink romantic dinners, day trips and even fight upgrades – yes, please! Organising thousands of lists each year – including those of the rich and famous, but we’re not revealing who – the team at Prezola know what they’re doing.


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