Cardio And Swimming Haircare

When doing cardio, tie your hair back with headbands. Local brand Lavish Atelier’s headbands are made of silk and satin to help retain moisture and stop friction, hence preventing breakage. Plus, you can maintain your style of choice when exercising.

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• Lavish Atelier headbands range from R100-R295.
• Local brand Swimma swim caps, R169-R185 (depending on size), are great for women who have big hair to comfortably protect tresses.
• Prevent hair damage with Moroccanoil Clarifying
Shampoo, R345, and Conditioner, R385.
• Treat your scalp and follow up with a nourishing treatment with Mizani Scalp Care Exfoliating Pretreatment, R277, or Mizani Strength Fusion Intense
Night Treatment, R220, to protect and strengthen hair.

As content creator and host of YouTube channel, The A1, Moyin Oloruntoba’s day is busy. ‘In summer, I go lighter on the oils that I use on my hair. I also wear protective styles like cornrows and wigs. When my hair is dry and brittle, I use Lush Veganese Hair Conditioner, R95.’ Carissa Cupido, radio and television presenter for TLC Entertainment, changes her hair routine in summer by letting it air-dry.

‘I usually deep-condition my hair with Twisted Sista Intensive Leave-In Conditioner with Coconut, Avocado and Almond Oil, R200, before exercising. That way, when I’m done sweating, I can just rinse it out and style.’ Twala N’Gambi, a content creator and varsity student, finds that styling after a hard gym session is imperative. ‘A great edge controller can be a total game changer. My go-to is Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel, R57. After a hectic exercise session, my hair is a total mess, so I usually just tie it in a high bun and lay my edges – in less than five minutes I’m good to go.’

Cardio And Swimming Haircare

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