Carrousel Braid the Easy Way

Hey Everyone in Clay here with a carousel braid tutorial, I have done one of these before but. I wanted to try it again with a little bit more clarity, and a little bit of an easier method first of all to take care of the little layers that might fall throughout the day separate your hair from the ears up, and then pin any of those short layers over toward the side that the braid is going to be on. So all of the layers from the side the braid won’t be on pin them over to the side that the braid will be on, and then let the rest of the hair down to cover up your bobby pins, and now we can start on the braid you are going to take a large section of hair from right next to your front hairline, and begin braiding underneath as if you are making a Dutch braid then we are going to begin the Carousel braid step one at the Carousel braid is to lace braid bringing in only hair from the top about three or four times to go ahead, and anchor the hair where you want it to be this establishes the height in the direction that the hair is going to be at.

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So you only need a couple braids just to go ahead, and attach the hair then step two is to braid normally for a couple of inches this is basically making sure that we have this braid to wrap around the back of the hair. So you do not have to keep lace braiding around the back of the hair. Because that can be very difficult step three is to grab just the top two sections of the braid. So that first top section, and then the middle section step four is to take your free hand, and reach underneath your hair grab those top two sections of the braid, and bring the braid around the back of your hair, and then you are ready to start back over at step one. So again step one is to lace braid in the hair, and again you only need to do three or four times, and it helps to only take small sections of hair that way you do not eat up all of the hair from your ponytail on the first couple of braids then we are going to go on to step two which is to braid the hair normally, and you only need to braid this far enough to get around the hair.

So it does not need to be a lot of braiding just a couple of inches. So that. I can get around the back of the hair then we are moving right along to step three which is to separate those top two sections of hair, and step four which is to bring the hair around the back, and then you start back over. So step one braid in the new sections step two braid a couple extra inches step three grab the top two sections of hair, and step four wrap it around, and you keep doing that until you reach the end of your hair at which point you secure the end of your hair with an elastic, and you are completely done with your hairstyle. I really like this braid it is a nice were saying starter without being too loud. And I just think it is really pretty. And I was excited to show you guys how to do this again in a little bit simpler way. So I hope you guys enjoy this and, I will see you tomorrow with my next tutorial.

Carrousel Braid the Easy Way

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