Casey Weston – Failin For A Lie

Who hasn’t fallen for a lie at one time in their life? For that matter, who hasn’t known that something wasn’t as it seemed but decided to go for it anyway? Sometimes life can’t be that fairy tale of perfection. Sometimes you might even want to fall for a lie. That may be part of what it is to be human. And maybe that’s ok. Casey Weston sings about this turmoil in single, FallinFor A Lie.

Had I not been sent to a teaching hospital in London, and had I gone into labor naturally in a local hospital where there wasn’t always an anesthesiologist on staff, this pregnancy could have been fatal for both the baby and me. I also wouldn’t have met this wonderful network of friends! My greatest advice is having some source of entertainment. Mine was watching the Gilmore Girls seasons on a portable DVD player, reading, puzzling, and being social. Don’t let depression get the best of you. There is always something better to look forward to. The key is if you are stuck in the hospital on bed rest, there are likely other women in there just like you, yearning not to be alone. You are all in the same situation, allow that to bond you and not divide you. While I had a relatively normal pregnancy with my son and didn’t spend any time on bed rest, I did spend many days on the antenatal unit visiting my friend. So my story is more about providing advice to your family and friends, and is one I hope you will share with them. Sometimes it’s better to hear from a stranger how they can help you.

Casey Weston   Failin For A Lie

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