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No, not in an illegal substance sort of way, nor even on a Friday night with your favourite tipple kind of way but, simply, because I have had my mind changed. I will explain, Cat Canteri’s first album, WHEN WE WERE YOUNG, was reviewed, in these pages, by yours truly and distinctly underwhelmed was how I felt about it. But things have changed in a rather wonderful way.

Whilst touring the debut album it became clear that louder more up-tempo stuff was required in order to add more variety to the set – hence the six tracks on this EP, which were all written, by Cat, for her previous band The Stillsons, have been given a brand new lick of paint and cast out into the world one more time.

Afraid I can’t say what the original incarnation was like, but the reincarnation is absolutely fabulous – rocking bar room blues at its best. It is obvious to use Bonnie Raitt as a reference point, but in a younger, wilder Dr. Feelgood sort of way it is valid. I love it and would be in the front row if I had a passport and if Australian bars sold coffee.

That aside, I really do hope that the next album is along the same lines, until then I thoroughly recommend LATE AT NIGHT, for all day every day. Ian Ambrose

Cat Canteri

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