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Vollestad and Blom (1985) also found that the rate of glycogen breakdown is the same in all ST fibers for the duration of exercise; the authors found that... Read more

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How Intensity and Duration of Exercise Affect Glycogen Use During exercise, muscle glycogen levels fall progressively as a semilogarithmic function of time (Hultman, 1971), as shown in Exercises... Read more

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The practical relevance of this information lies mainly in demonstrating how hereditary factors can limit a runner and also in predicting the time a particular individual can expect... Read more

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This idea was beautifully illustrated in the television broadcast of the 1981 New York City Marathon, in which Alberto Salazar was filmed coming off the Queensborough Bridge. Only... Read more

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Clayton (1980) described how he thinks he became an efficient runner. When I started training for marathon distances, my style changed naturally. Running twenty miles a day cut... Read more

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I will take their interpretation one step further. To gain entrance to the elite group of outstanding runners, the athlete needs muscles with superior contractility. These muscles then... Read more

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In their study of Jim McDonagh and Ted Corbitt, top veteran ultramarathoners with similar V02max values but with different running performances, Costill and Winrow (1970b) reported that the... Read more

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How, then, are we to explain these anomalies? The most simple explanation for these discrepancies is that they are solely due to differences in motivation between the different... Read more