10 Popular Hairstyles For Brides With Round Faces
FLASHES OR SLICES This technique is when colour is applied through the hair emphasising the cut, they can also be used to brilliant effect for undercuts. Great if you want a touch of drama without an overall commitment to colour. PERMANENT TINT Permanent tints give the widest colour choice... Read more
10 Top Bantu Knots Hairstyles
HIGHLIGHTS OR LOWLIGHTS When fine stands of hair are tinted or bleached lighter or darker this is known as either high or low lights. A mix of shades can be used for the lights to give varying tones throughout the hair. Lights give a more subtle result than all... Read more
10 Best Braided Updos For Black Women
Braided Updos For Black Women BLEACHING OR LIGHTENING Bleach removes natural and artificial colour from the hair. Afro hair will lighten from black to brown, to red, to red-gold, to gold, to yellow, and finally to pale yellow. It is impossible to bleach afro hair to white and keep... Read more
Celtic Braid, and 3 Ways to Style It
Hey Everyone kale here today, I will going to show you guys how to do a Celtic braid, and then a couple different ways that you can style it into a hairstyle it is actually a lot easier than it looks it is very similar to a snake braid... Read more
Double-Twists into Side Braid Hairstyles
Hey Today we are going to do double twist to a side braid. And this is a really fun, easy, quick one. So I have obviously already brushed and wet her hair down. And I have parted it on her natural part line, which, for her, is on the... Read more