My exes Joss Mooney and James Morgan told me they were approached to do interviews while I’m in the jungle. Thankfully, they’ve said they wouldn’t do that in... Read more

Muzi Mazibuko

Muzi Mazibuko, 24, is an expressive man who wears his heart (and art) on his sleeve. Whether customising his coat or hooded top, teamed with his trustworthy Palladium... Read more

Justin Bernasconi

WINTERPICK FUSE ★★★★ Atmospheric and technically impressive Justin Bernasconi’s solo debut WINTER PICK is an album that you need to really listen to. What I mean by this... Read more

Findlay Napier

VIP VERY INTERESTING PERSONS Cheerygroove Records ★★★★ One of the most intriguing and enjoyable albums to pass my way this year The cover shot of 36-year-old Findlay Napier,... Read more

Townes Van Zandt

The very best of the late great Townes Van Zandt Vinyl reissues, part of Charly Records’ 40th anniversary celebration, of two of the finest singer-songwriter records ever released.... Read more

Trisha Yearwood

PRIZEFIGHTER: HIT AFTER HIT Sony Music ★★★★★ PRIZEFIGHTER: HIT AFTER HIT is multi talented Trisha Yearwood’s twelth album, a compilation often songs that defined her career with the... Read more

The Urban Voodoo Machine

LOVE, DRINK & DEATH! Gypsy Hotel Records ★★★★ Whatever music you like, it’s in here One might have thought that they’d have had trouble with the perennially difficult... Read more

Jimmy Buffett

THE JIMMY BUFFETT COLLECTION; SUN, SEA AND MARGARITAS Humphead ★★★★ All the Buffett you could wish for I think the title says it all really – 40 ofthe... Read more