Catherine Tyldesley

Emilie and I opened the outdoor ice rink at New Bailey in Manchester last week. The funny thing is they introduced me as a celebrity skater and I’m really bad at skating! Forget Dancing On Ice, it was more standing on ice! I teetered on to the rink for photos and stood there holding on to one of those penguins that kids push around.

It was raining so the ice was even more slippery, but after the photos Emilie sat me on one of those plastic seals meant for children and pushed me round. All we did was laugh! I also switched on the Christmas lights in Manchester in front of 25,000 people. It was madness.

I pushed the plunger with my Corrie co-star Catherine Tyldesley, who was there performing. She looked gorgeous in her red sequinned dress. The atmosphere was amazing and once we’d done the countdown, they let off fireworks from the top of the Town Hall. Matt came with me. We watched the display from the stage and the papers said we were snogging. As if! He was shouting in my ear and I was leaning in because it was so noisy [below left]. I also went to Polly’s first parentsevening this week. She’s doing very well and making friends. She’s choosing to do writing activities which is a good sign she wants to learn. I’m a very proud mummy.

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Catherine Tyldesley

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