Celebrity makeup 2017

A constellation of metallic foil transports nails to glimmering glory. 1/ Using tweezers, break a sheet of silver nail foil (like Aluminio de Unas Solid Silver Nail Foil, R67, za. pronails.com) into small bits. 2/ Brush on a base coat, then two coats of a pale yellow polish. Try Ice Box Colors Nail Polish in Creme (R110 for 15ml) and allow to dry properly. 3/Sweepathin layer of non-quick-drying top coat on the top left and bottom right corners of yourrighthand(dothe opposite for your left). Use the tweezers to pick up a few bits of foil and tap them onto the wet polish. 4/Once all nails are foiled, apply top coat.

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Celebrity makeup 2017

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