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Historical Beauty; Unlike some of the stylized looks that had been so popular in the 1920s, Greta Garbo’s cool, polished beauty has maintained its appeal. In 1950, nine years after she made her last movie and effectively disappeared from public life, Garbo was voted the most beautiful woman in the world by The Guinness Book of World Records.

There’s no denying that her face is hypnotic: Writer and philosopher Roland Barthes summed it up when he wrote that Garbo still belongs to that moment in cinema when capturing the human face still plunged audiences into the deepest ecstasy, when one literally lost oneself in a human image. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a group of entrepreneurs emerged; working within Hollywood and the beauty salon business, they began supplying cosmetics to newly independent women, and, in the process, created the immense beauty industry we know today. As the nineteenth century drew to a close, a group of key figures began to emerge in the world of makeup; they are the pioneers who would create the modern cosmetics industry as we know it today.

They have a number of things in common. A lot of their stories hinge on being in the right place at the right time (and having the nous to know that, of course); what’s certain is that when they spotted an opportunity, they seized it. Amazingly, the industry actually grew and prospered over the course of two world wars and the Great Depression. During the First World War, women got a taste for earning their own money and, understandably, didn’t want to give it up. They had disposable income for the first time and couldn’t get enough of cosmetics, which were an affordable touch of luxury and increasingly available. Democratized and empowered, young women used makeup to express themselves and set themselves apart from their mothers and grandmothers for whom makeup had been frowned upon; suddenly they could emulate their screen idols and have fun doing so.Scots makeup artist beauty blogger with 100k Instagram followers … Ltf

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Scots makeup artist beauty blogger with 100k Instagram followers … Ltf

Scots makeup artist beauty blogger with 100k Instagram followers … Ltf

Scots makeup artist beauty blogger with 100k Instagram followers … Ltf

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Celebrity makeup artist jobs uk

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