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Your skin works more like clockwork than you realise. Here’s how keeping time could be the answer to a glowing complexion… Time is in your hands. Let’s talk jet lag. You’ve landed, the sun is shining… And you are falling asleep over your sundowner Instagram sesh. Come 4am? Wide awake. That’s your body’s unadjusted circadian rhythms (ie, your internal clock). And it turns out they run more than just your sleeping patterns – scientists have found they control your skin in a more complex way than experts give them credit for. We know circadian rhythms affect skin in two ways: protection in the day and repair overnight, says pharmacist Annette Greco, head of development for Dr Hauschka Med products. Now, what Greco and her peers are starting to understand is that our rhythms can change our skin’s state on a much more frequent basis. It’s natural, but modern life means we are disrupting these rhythms – and our skin is paying the price, she says. The good news? Identify your skin’s daily time zones and you can capitalise on biology’s benefits for precision-perfect skincare.

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Celebrity makeup mac

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