Celebrity Nail Designs 2019

Rita Ora’s Red Carpet Nails!
Songstress Rita keeps it chic at all times, including her fabulous nail art selections! With this look, the fashionista goes for lengthy tips with a half-moon nail design. The moon shape is then outlined in gold, and, to accentuate the look, the nails are adorned in tiny flecks of rhinestones down the center for a captivating set of tips!

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There’s power in simplicity! Keeping your nails nice and natural is a wonderful day-to-day look that won’t clash with your wardrobe and makeup choices. It’s also a great choice for the conservative lady who likes clean, fresh, classic nails. To get the look, file the nails to a square shape and buff for a smooth surface. Apply clear nail polish and topcoat to complete.
For the Coach spring/summer 2019 show at New York Fashion Week, the INGLOT-sponsored nail team created a look that went one step beyond nude, with an emphasis on polish and nail care.
Behind the scenes, we caught up with lead nail artist Naomi Yasuda, who walked us through the steps she used to achieve this naturally beautiful manicure.
“I choose a clean, healthy nail look for everybody. When I saw the clothes, there was a lot of glitter and embellishment, so I wanted to keep the nails very healthy, natural and minimal,” she shares.
For the look, Naomi chose two key products to highlight the health and raw beauty of the model’s natural nails. She used INGLOT pH Cuticle Remover, a product that softens the cuticles and exfoliates loose skin that has accumulated around the nail beds, and Ridge Filler, a nail treatment formulated with algae extract to fill in ridged areas and achieve a smooth nail surface.
To begin, Naomi files and buffs the nails with INGLOT Nail File 180/240 and Nail Buffer. “Then I put on the pH Cuticle Remover—it makes your cuticles really soft and nice. After that, I push the cuticle back a little and finish with the Ridge Filler, which has a tinted nude color that’s super natural but looks really manicured, with a matte finish. It looks like nothing is there, but it’s clean and healthy-looking,” Naomi says. The end result: a refined, classic nail look that is simply beautiful!

Celebrity Nail Designs 2019

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