Celebs in Their Boldest Nearly Naked Red Carpet Looks of All Time

Celebs in Their Boldest Nearly Naked Red Carpet Looks of All Time

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Rosamund Pike

Wow look at this barge nicholson bottom dollar you are moisturizer let me ask you do you have a cell phone in there yes, and what do you do for yourself home etiquette at the bar not pulling it out that one ok rock i+ just that much just a little snapchat.

I readed you rehearse backstage at mick jagger’s concert in new jersey three years ago on those shoes you were incredible backstage you hemifacial energy the valencia arthur wang moment of madame jin swing she beautiful, and you are so great when you sing a tony bennett you on twitter, or suzie everything is drama.

But perfect feel it where you look gorgeous beyond a beautiful moment thank you him see you inside by the cage the cage of mr wong, and this is nigga gaga get it you have got cameras on you ten.

This is serious in the very serious person I I was at home reading you when you played the piano at the oscars I am in maze, and this is what anyway is a main intersection thank you pleasers that is some shoe can baby only you can only sing you can make jack a concert in new jersey one december, and you on those high shoes you are like oh you can just walk it that was a great show that was a great show everyone we all having a great day now that is being aware enough awakening in a very verbal very comfortable it is like a swag come for muscles which work again you gotta you gotta own it.

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Gigi Hadid

Yeah I am so excited to be here tonight we are so fabulous. But it is amazing you are so bringing laser cut genuine laser cut you knew nothing, and it is been laminated with, and these are micro crystals I want to take you to dress 10 minutes you yeah you are just lucky see you later be good.

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Jourdan Dunn

You got the gucci gang good gucci gang this is the genius behind everything, I mean who better for tonight’s theme than an italian designer who’s a very devout catholic so what is the theme of tonight mean to you how much does it means a lot, I mean I love the kind of things, I mean I am a big collector of a lot of old pieces like this, so was so fun you know now if a headline were to come out about gucci gang tomorrow what would that headline say we saw it we had a blast you will enjoy inside thank you so much for blessing the carpet thank you thank you that was literally like I went to church.


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Emilia Clarke


Emily Ratajkowski

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Keri Russell

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Adina Porter

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Bella Hadid

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Nicki Minaj

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Mariah Carey


Celebs in Their Boldest Nearly Naked Red Carpet Looks of All Time

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