What is Cell Synergy Therapy?

After an operation in 2012, I never seemed to recover. In the months that followed, I suffered from nausea and digestive pains – like I had constant gastro. I put it down to an allergic reaction to the op’s anaesthetic, but when the symptoms wouldn’t let up, I went to see my GP. ‘Despite numerous visits, my GP’s blanket diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (and related treatments) didn’t help. It felt like he was trying to plaster over my physical reactions rather than get to the root of what was causing them. Then my mom told me about a friend who’d tried cell synergy, and how it had led to a diagnosis of thyroid issues that her GP had missed.

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I’m open-minded, so I decided to give it a try. ‘I was excited for my first session: the possibility of feeling healthy again took away the nerves. Before I went in, the therapist asked me to fill out a form about my medical history. As I waited, she “rebalanced the energy” in the treatment room. ‘Finally, I went into the treatment room and sat down. In front of me was a black box, about the size of a laptop screen when you look at it directly. The therapist said it was a Karnak sensor – an electromagnetic device that would give an energy analysis of the cells in my body.

She asked me to keep my eyes focused on the sensor so it could scan my body. The scanning lasted about a minute, and she stepped out of the room while it happened. It was completely painless – I just stared at the black box. ‘After the scan, the therapist came back in and read the results that were projected onto a screen. The results looked like a bar graph; from these, the therapist could pick up amazingly accurate things, such as how much water I was drinking, at what time of day I was eating, and how well my organs were functioning. Her observations were all correct. She picked up the imbalance in my digestive system, and highlighted that I was eating at the wrong times. My symptoms mirrored her insights. ‘She then took a pinprick of blood from my finger and looked at it under a microscope.

She could spot bacteria in the sample, which she identified as a cause of the awful symptoms I’d been experiencing for months. It was a relief to know I wasn’t crazy – that there actually was something wrong with me. We then worked out a plan to help me get healthy: new eating habits, including eating early in the morning, incorporating snacks between meals, and cutting out certain types of food, such as mushrooms and peanuts. ‘She advised that my digestive issues were causing stress to my liver, contributing to how ill I’d been feeling. She prescribed a natural shake to drink between meals (to aid my liver), and a probiotic. ‘After just one session, I noticed an instant shift in my health. Three months later, all of my symptoms had vanished. Even better: I’d achieved it with simple lifestyle tweaks and allnatural products instead of filling my body with antibiotics. ‘Now I go for cell synergy once a year for a checkup, and whenever I get sick and can’t shake it off. It’s been life-changing – and while it can be expensive, it’s really worked for me.’ Visit Cellsynergy.co.za for more about Du Toit’s practitioner.

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