Charlotte Tilbury Just Released A Surprise Eyeshadow Palette Called Stars In Your Eyes

Charlotte Tilbury Just Released A Surprise Eyeshadow Palette Called Stars In Your Eyes


Because trust me the picture day people are not trying to regular good. So take a bronzer, and a contouring brush, and contour your cheekbones, and your forehead, and what I like to do when it comes to blending that kind of thing I take a powder, and a brush, and then blend everything out. So for the eyeshadow we’re going to keep it matte, and safe prime your lids with any primer, and then take a very flimsy brush, and a face powder, and just powder your eyelids. So that, it’s all even, and nice with a matte brown eyeshadow, and a pencil brush what I like to do is take them on tap it off, and then wipe it off, and then put it in your crease.

So that you don’t have excess product with the felt tip liner make a slight wing in whichever direction will suit your eye up elongate your eye sideways makes your eye wider then curl your lashes cuz, it’s a bullsha, and apply not one. But two different mascaras one that’ll just get every eyelash, and then one that will thicken, and lengthen them just on the outside, and try to stay away from shimmery highlighters, and try to stick to these matte white ones like this white eyeliner, and highlight any parts of your face that you want highlight has no longer pink.

I wish that could I’ve got a few more things pigs down I think they look well try to keep your lips less dramatic, and just stick to a lip plumper Orleans LA do you remember then take your hair of your headband, and fix your hair up in whichever form you want it to be for your Pinter days. But we’re tops try to stick to a single color. Because then it’ll draw the attention more towards your face unlike the shirt has ever men women mind that we may kiss new tricks, and now I’m almost by foot since oh my god is there does he want me to put my head there’s only.

So many positions I can do, and love me whatever hey thank you.

charlotte tilbury stars in your eyes eyeshadow palette

Stars In Your Eyes palette, £60 SHOP NOW

The Dolce Vita,, £39

charlotte tilbury dolce vita palette

SHOP NOW The Golden Goddess,, £39

charlotte tilbury golden goddess eyeshadow palette

The Vintage Vamp,, £39

charlotte tilbury vintage vamp eyeshadow palette


SHOP NOW The Sophisticate,, £39

charlotte tilbury sophisticate palette


The Rebel,, £39

charlotte tilbury the rebel eyeshadow palette


SHOP NOW The Rock Chick,, £39

Charlotte Tilbury rock chick palette


SHOP NOW The Uptown Girl,, £39

charlotte tilbury uptown girl palette


SHOP NOW The Glamour Muse,, £39

charlotte tilbury the glamour muse


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