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For ladies, it’s so essential to have ladies round you that may present up for you. Not as soon as, not twice, not when they’re within the temper, not when they’re in an excellent temper. You must present up for folks as a result of it makes you a greater individual. It makes friendships stronger. There’s nothing higher on this planet than to really feel secure, than to really feel like any individual’s listening to you. To have the ability to be ugly and to cry and to be insecure and to have them see you, you understand, in your worst gentle, in your worst hours. There’s nothing safer than that, when any individual sees you want that and so they nonetheless love you.

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That is like household. And ladies have to be like households to one another. As my finest good friend Mary says, you shouldn’t have to be finest pals with all people. You shouldn’t have to be finest pals with folks you don’t like, however you need to be a sister to them. You must consider ladies in the way in which that you’d consider your niece or your sister or your daughter or your mom. If it’s not ok for my niece, it’s not ok for me and it’s not ok for a stranger that I have no idea, who’s standing subsequent to me. There’s a typical of conduct, you understand, that we’ve got to get higher at being there for one another. It is easy to speak about any individual and gossip about any individual.

All of us do this, we’re all responsible of it. However it feels good to not. It feels good to go away any individual’s home and never make a dig about one thing they did or what they had been carrying. All of us do it. It is good to get good at not doing that. Not even giving it that destructive vitality. If this election has taught me something, it’s to be kinder and to be gentler and to pay attention much more and discuss so much much less. That is why I can not cease speaking.

Chelsea Handler Women Supporting Women

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