Cherry Apple Pork Loin

Time: 50 mins Number of servings: 4 Point value per serving: 6


One and a half pound boneless pork loin

Two cups chopped apple

Half cup apple juice

Half cup pitted cherry

Half cup chopped onion

Half cup chopped celery

One tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste


• Mix all ingredients in your Instant Pot and close the lid.

• Select “Meat/Stew” function, and cook for forty minutes.

• Use quick pressure release method.

• Serve and enjoy!

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With both of these admissions, I was happy I was able to connect with other moms and was not alone. I was also glad I was able to share my experience with them as well as calm some of their fears. However, in my excitement to be discharged, I lost track of the bigger picture and didn’t advocate for myself. Both of my admissions had been the result of vaginal bleeding, which is a red flag (pardon the pun) for women with placenta previa as it could result in a massive bleed and preterm labor. Looking back at the experience, and the lessons learned with my second case of placenta previa and a long-term hospitalization with my son, I should have asked to be transferred to a larger hospital to be admitted and where I would have been monitored closely throughout the remainder of my pregnancy (which is often the standard practice). Instead I let my desire to be home and put the hospitalization behind me outweigh the safety of both my baby and me. When I shared these stories with the OB that looked after me during my pregnancy with my son, he told me the safest place for a woman with placenta previa in her third trimester (sometimes earlier) of pregnancy is in the hospital as a major bleed can happen suddenly. I share this story so you can reflect on your own condition. If you feel uncomfortable about going home, or have more questions than answers, ask to be transferred to a larger hospital, even if it is a distance from your home. I was at a community hospital for my first pregnancy, that didn’t see many high-risk pregnancies, as these were often dealt with at the larger hospital.

Cherry Apple Pork Loin

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