Chic Short Haircuts 2017

How can I transition without the big chop?

When deciding to transition without the big chop, using products that strengthen and restore elasticity to the hair is very helpful.

The best product that I have found for this is an organic 100% natural hair tea that you apply to the hair by HerbalNature which can be found at As your natural grows the relaxer will still be on the ends.

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Gradual trimming allows one to let the hair grow approximately 6-7 inches in a year while getting rid of the damaged relaxed hair.

The relaxed hair does tend to break at the line of demarcation in some areas. Most people give up and do the “Big Chop” after nine months to a year because the two different hair textures can be hard to manage after some time.

It is important to remember when transitioning to be as gentle with your hair as possible and the less you manipulate it the better.

Chic Short Haircuts 2017

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