On the topic of tops, one of my worst pet hates has to be Christmas garb. Why anyone would be thrilled about wearing a knitted Christmas jumper in public is beyond me. I understand that in many cases they are gifts from the abominable in-laws and you have got to show your appreciationby donning the garment. However, this is probably best done in the privacy of your own home where you can look silly with reindeer on your chest surrounded by those who won’t change their opinion of you.

Hopefully we ll have yet another warm Christmas which will deter the abominable Yeti from coming out in public view. In my opinion, they are on a par with onesies, although I’m sure the latter are less itchy than Christmas pullovers (unless your relatives have forked out good money for quality wool which, let’s face it. is unlikely because if they liked you that much they’d have given you that PS4 game you’d been hinting for).

Truth be told… there is one thing I absolutely love about Christmas albeit in a Machiavellian way. There is nothing more hilarious than the Dutchcourageso many people yield to over the festive season. You see a different side to people in an attempt to let their hair down. The most aloof, distant people, on becoming inebriated, suddenly show signs of frivolity and.

At most times, foolishness, and that IT geek who usually avoids eye-contact with you in the staff-kitchen is the one trying to pinch your bum at your Christmas staff party and looking like a fool in doing so. His attempts to conduct himself well at the workplace during the year are all suddenly washed away with one night of goofiness and will be the talk of many coffee-breaks where he will go back into his shell, avoiding all eye-contact. But he will never be forgotten for his Christmas antics. All in all, truth be told… I’m not a Grinch, it is just that I have a love-hate relationship with this time of the year, although that’s probably just one of the many signs that I’m growing old. Bah, humbug!



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