Chinese Staircase Braid Back-to-School Hairstyles

Hey guys, I’m Abby from LA. And Kamri’s here with me today. Hi guys! And we are gonna show you how to do a Chinese Staircase braid. Now this braid, this particular knot, like technique is not new, this is something I did as a kid like to make friendship bracelets with and probably people were doing it even before then, but it is a fun technique so I thought I’d do a tutorial on it so here we go. Now for this hairstyle, I have just done one flip under right here in the front just for a little added somethinsomethin, pulled her hair up into a high ponytail. Now I have obviously wet her hair down. If you do not want to wet it down, you are welcome to use gel as you go along or some kind of smoothing serum and it’ll work the same. You’re gonna take the ponytail and separate off one small piece of hair and you are gonna take this and make kind of like a triangle shape.

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So hold it with your right hand and cross it over. Now I reach my two fingers through and under the ponytail and you are gonna reach back and grab that end and pull it back through the loop. And then you just kind of pull that hair upward as far as you can so this mostly, this first one mostly covers the elastic. Now you want to just grab another really small little piece of hair off the side of the ponytail and add it to the ends. And I’m always really careful to make sure I comb these out just so they stay nice and smooth. And again, you are gonna make that triangle, reach your fingers back behind, grab the end, pull it through, and pull it up. Now this is an option at this point. You can pull it up really tight so it lays right next to it, tip your head back so they can see, right next, no space. Or you can leave a little tiny bit of space. Whichever one you prefer totally works.

I’m gonna pull another little section off, add it to that side piece, comb it out, and make the triangle. Reach back, grab it, pull it through. Don’t ask me why this one is called the Chinese Staircase, but that’s just the name of this particular stitch so that’s what it is called. So one option would be to like stop at this point and just have it be kind of a fun accented pony or another option would be keep going, which I’m going to do just to show you. OK, at this point I’m having a hard time wrapping it around the ponytail anymore so I’m just going to secure the whole thing with an elastic to hold it in place. And now you can leave it like this, which is kind of a fun look just by itself, or you can take this and just give the whole thing a twist and it does this and it sort of looks like a spiral lace braid down the ponytail as well, which is also a really fun look too. Now to finish it all off, since I didn’t hair wrap my elastic but I wanna hide that, I’m just gonna pop a bow in her hair right up here at the top and she is good to go. Bye guys! Be sure to check out our latest two posts that you can find here and show us some love by clicking on the comment button.

Chinese Staircase Braid Back to School Hairstyles

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