Choking for child

Choking for child

Remove any objects from the mouth, but do not try to prise anything from the throat.

If the child can cough or talk and she is breathing do not interfere but get her to hospital immediately.

If she is struggling for breath and is unable to make much noise except a high-pitched sound or she is turning blue or you cannot feel her breathing, take emergency action at once (see below).

Choking infant

1. Hold the baby upside down.

2. With the heel of your hand strike sharply four times between the shoulder blades.

3. Do not simply slap with your flat hand, do it firmly enough to jar the child without causing injury.

4. If this does not get the object out, hold the child over the top of your leg with her back against you.

5. Using two fingers press sharply four times just above the babys navel. If this does not work do steps 1 and 2 again.

6. Summon help immediately.

Continue with the above procedures until the object is dislodged. If the child is not breathing after the object is dislodged, begin artificial respiration immediately and continue until the child begins breathing on her own.

Choking in an older child or adult

If the victim is unable to breathe and is wheezing and spluttering while clutching at the throat and unable to cry out, there is likely to be something obstructing the windpipe.

1. Lay a young child over your knees in a spanking position (see sketch p. 268).

2. With the heel of your hand strike a sharp blow four times on the back between the shoulder blades.

If this does not dislodge the object, do the Heimlich hug: (See sketch p. 269.)

1. Stand behind the child with her back against you and encircle her waist with your arms.

2. Make a fist with one hand and clasp it with your other hand.

3. Push your fist sharply upwards into the diaphragm (in the middle of the body below the ribs). The object should be pushed out with the air in the windpipe.

4. Repeat the manoeuvre if necessary.

5. When the object has been dislodged, begin artificial respiration immediately if the child is not breathing. (See p. 267.)

6. Keep on indefinitely while help is summoned.

Choking for child

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