Choppy Medium Haircuts No Bangs 

Author’s note: Hair is only hair

Hair is only hair and for most of us it will grow back even after we continue to damage and torture it.

For some of us our hair defines us and it can be emotionally devastating when our hair falls out or just looks and feels wrong. If you are at your wits end and threatening to shave it off and start again, please try some or all of the tips and ideas listed in the Appendices before doing anything too drastic.

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In conclusion, to achieve the longest, healthiest hair possible, you need to consider doing the following:

Stop hair breakage/damage before it happens

Minimising hair breakage will allow your hair to reach its maximum length. Protect your hair using specific types of products (as suggested in this blog), as part of a hair care regime which can help reduce breakage and increase your hair length.

Increase the growth phase and lessen shedding

Using hair vitamins and mineral supplements to complement a healthy eating plan will naturally lengthen your hair’s anagen phase and allow your hair to grow much longer before it enters the resting and shedding phases. Get plenty of rest and practise positive stress management.

Improve the health of your hair before it starts to grow

A healthy, bacteria-free, well-nourished scalp enables you to grow lush, long, healthy hair.

Best of luck, happy growing!!

Choppy Medium Haircuts No Bangs 

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