Chris Young

Rising country star Chris Young may be releasing his fifth studio album, but it has been a production of firsts which are already resulting in game-changing career moments. The highly-anticipated new release, I’M COMINOVER, challenged the Nashville singer-songwriter as he entered the world of production, collaborated with a new team of musicians and introduced duets with special guests.

And it is clearly been a winning combination that was paying dividends even before its November release. As soon as the title track – with its deep, baritone country sound – hit the airwaves, Young had a feeling it was set for big things, and it proved him right, smashing all his previous records in quick succession.

When we put it out, it actually had not gone to radio yet, I hadn’t played it anywhere, so we did a countdown, we did a big social media campaign, and then I was like,I do not know how it is going to do’?. Before that, the biggest first week I had, had on a song was, Tomorrow, and it sold about 31,000 singles first week, and we put [I’m CominOver] out and this one sold 70,000. So we were really, really happy about that.

Young describes the whole hype around this new project as very different to his previous records and, while not a major departure from his signature style, he already feels it has been the next step forward he was hoping for.

He credits the moment everything changed to a conversation he had with long-time musician friend Josh Hoge, who suggested he work on a co write with mutual friend, Corey Crowder. Little did they realise, this initial meeting would go on to produce epic writing and recording sessions, that resulted in almost every single that made it onto the record, and provided Young with a newfound direction.

‘I was trying to figure out wh at I wanted to do for th is record and what I wanted to say. I have been doing this for ten years and you always try to make a statement with each and every record. But this is my fifth record, and after ten years, I better have something important to say.

‘It never felt like we were putting a square peg in a round hole. We never felt like we were missing anything, it just felt like everything happened the way it was supposed to, and we worked as hard as we could, and we made the best record we could. Everything, from the beginning of the project, all the way through the end, felt that way. It felt natural.

However, while the boys were serious about what they were achieving, it also sounds like they had a lot of fun along the way, as Young colourfully – and jokingly – describes:When we are writing, the three of us get in a room, we get a cup of coffee -we’re all usually 10 minutes late – we will sit there and drink coffee and goof off, and laugh, and tell jokes, and look at stuff on the internet for about 35 minutes, and then we will throw out an idea and we will kind of bounce ideas around.

In that time he has notched up six number one singles, seven Gold and Platinum certifications and has been nominated for awards at the Academy of Country Music, Country Association and The Grammys.

Chris Young

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